CPDP 2017 – Panel on “Privacy, Data Protection, and the Governance of Algo-rithms”

January 2017


An increasing number of devices, systems, machines, and agents are currently governed by algo-rithmic procedures in their relentless production, collection, sharing, and aggregation of data. In or-der to ensure that technologies based on algorithmic procedures go hand in hand with societal needs and beliefs, along with moral and legal expectations, the governance of algorithmic procedures ap-pears particularly crucial for privacy and data protection and needs to be framed within the related regulation. Such technologies often infer personal information from aggregated data, so as to profile human beings and anticipate their behaviour, views and expectations through e.g. big data analysis. Several important normative consequences follow as a result: the increasing automated collection of data, profiling and behavioural anticipation, in both commercial as well as criminal matters, may not only trigger new forms of surveillance and discrimination, by surreptitiously classifying human ac-tions as well as new ways of limitations to self-determination, but they also risk to curtail the sphere of public discussion, legal interpretation, and evaluation of norms.

Bullet Points
• What is today’s state-of-the-art in the governance of algorithms, i.e. its technological, ethical and legal standards, evaluation frameworks and design?
• How to govern algorithmic decision-making once we have delegated the solution of relevant and sensitive problems to algorithmic procedures and applications?
• How will technologies based on algorithmic procedures realign people’s rights and expecta-tions that regard personal data and relations?
• Is any trade-off necessary between privacy, data protection, and the collection, sharing, ag-gregation and elaboration of data through algorithmic procedures and applications?

Shara Monteleone (shara.monteleone@europarl.europa.eu)

Massimo Durante (massimo.durante@unito.it)


Els de Busser (e.busser@mpicc.de)
Giovanni Buttarelli
Cláudio Lucena (claudiokilla@gmail.com)
Catherine Porras (c.vanhoogstraten@hhs.nl)