Jacopo Ciani holds a PhD in IP law from the University of Milan and currently is post-doc scholarship holder at the University of Turin. He is also IP & IT lawyer at Tavella – Studio di Avvocati in Milan. His research focuses on the intersection among intellectual property, data governance and new technologies, including the protection of AI generated works, the ownership of data and the digital public domain.To read more about him, see here.

Massimo Durante is Professor in Philosophy of Law and Legal Informatics at the Department of Law, University of Turin. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law, Department of Law, University of Turin, and a Ph.D. in Moral Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, Paris IV Sorbonne. Member of the Board of the Joint International Doctoral (Phd) degree in “Law, Science, and Technology” and of the Doctoral Program “Right of Internet of Everything”. He is Faculty Fellow of the Nexa Center for Internet and Society at the Politecnico of Turin. Member of the Scientific Board of the Master in Data Protection Law at the Department of Law, University of Turin, and member of the Executive Editorial Board of the Philosophical Studies Series, Springer. His main interests are law and technology, information ethics, digital governance and information technology law, privacy and data protection law, AI & law.

Ugo Pagallo is former lawyer and professor of Jurisprudence at the Department of Law, Universityof Turin (Italy), Vice President of the Italian Association of Legal Informatics, Ugo is Faculty at the Georgetown’s Law School transnational center in London, UK (CTLS), and member of the Expert Group set up by the EU Commission on liability and new technology/new technologies formation. Ugo is also chairing the 2019 AI4People project, namely the first global forum in Europe on the Social Impacts of Artificial Intelligence set up by the European Institute for Science, Media, and Democracy (Atomium) in Bruxelles (2019). Ugo is professor at the Joint International Doctoral (PhD) degree program in Law, Science and Technology, an interdisciplinary integrated doctorate of the EU’s Erasmus Mundus EMJDs programs. Author of eleven monographs and numerous essays in scholarly journals and book chapters, his main interests are Artificial Intelligence & law, network and legal theory, governance, and information technology law (specially data protection law and copyright).